You have an apple. I have an orange. We exchange them. We both end up with one fruit each, same as the initial state.

You have an idea. I have another idea. We exchange them. We both are richer by one idea.

So simple, yet so powerful. This remarkable characteristic of knowledge makes it the most intriguing of all the forms of wealth. In contrast to others, this is the one wealth which when shared with others does not result in any reduction of the giver’s riches. And when exchanged with others, it increases the wealth of all the parties involved.

This is the reason why I write – to share my ideas that originate from my life experiences, travels, discussions with friends, studying works of great minds etc.

I would love to hear your thoughts and remarks on these ideas, so do leave a comment on the articles, or write to me. And if you think the ideas can interest others, feel free to share them in your network.